Tim Angel

Occupational Therapist


Tim graduated from LaTrobe University in 2005 and immediately commenced working as an Occupational therapist in private practice for a small boutique provider. Tim quickly established a sound reputation for being a subject matter expert for physical rehabilitation and disease.

Tim’s work and therapy addressed a wide variety of injuries, illness and disease including chronic pain, brain injury, and neurological conditions including MS and MND. Having 14 years of experience working as a Lifestyle Coach, Tim has been able to pair his counselling and motivational skills with his Occupational Therapy. His unique approach has assisted clients to overcome various challenges associated with their mental health and intellectual disability.

Tim’s unique skillset and empathetic approach ensures that he is able to work with clients to collaboratively work to the achievement of their goals. He is passionate about improving the lives and well being of all his clients both physically and emotionally.


Katrina Lavender

Occupational Therapist


Since graduating with a Masters of Occupational Therapy practice in 2011 Katrina has worked across a range of hospital and community based settings in physical and mental health in Australia and the UK.

Katrina is passionate about the use of OT as an holistic approach to supporting clients to identify their strengths and develop plans to work towards fulfilling their potential and maximising quality of life.

Katrina believes in the power of an empathy and deep listening to connect with clients, their families and supports, and aims to provide excellent advocacy.


Pam Wheatley

Admin / Accounts


Angela Lander

Occupational Therapist


After graduating from La Trobe University in 2003, Angela began her career working in both public and private rehabilitation settings.

She has worked in a range of clinical fields, including spinal cord injury, chronic pain, complex trauma, acquired brain injury and working with client that have various neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Angela has developed a range of skills working in both the UK and Australia, with a specialist focus on psycho social disability/mental health, multiple and complex diagnoses, intellectual disability and behaviors of concern.

Angela is passionate about working closely with clients to establish goals, develop individualised intervention plans and to work with clients and their care givers to improve their overall quality of life.


Tamara Dobinson

Occupational Therapist


Tamara graduated from Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2016. After graduating, Tamara travelled throughout Europe before commencing work in residential and community settings within Aged Care. Here she developed experience in holistic assessment and intervention to support clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Tamara has developed an interest in psychosocial, physical, and cognitive disabilities. She is passionate about improving the wellbeing of her clients and supporting them to reach their full potential. She loves working with clients to maximise their independence and improve their functioning and quality of life. She prides herself on her strong values of empathy and rapport, and these values assist with developing supportive and trusting relationships with clients.


Zach Martin

IT Support


Kjirsten Magnuson

Occupational Therapist


Kjirsten graduated with a master’s degree from University of Washington in the United States in 2017. Since graduating, she has worked in inpatient rehabilitation and paediatrics in the United States.

Kjirsten prides herself on being a highly curious person and her practice interests demonstrate that. These interests include assistive technology implementation, mental health promotion and intervention, neurological rehabilitation, community mobility, and behavioural interventions. Kjirsten is passionate about reaching goals through collaboration and partnership with her clients and other stakeholders.

She values maintaining creativity and individualism in her practice. Kjirsten’s strong skills in communication and creative intervention planning ensure goals are met and clients regain quality of life.


Rhys McRae

Occupational Therapist


Rhys graduated from La Trobe University in 2016 and prides himself on providing assessments that take a holistic understanding of the person and providing interventions that are individualised and meaningful to them. Using a client-centred approach, Rhys takes time in getting to know what his clients are passionate about to support them in living the life they want.

Rhys has worked in community health settings in Australia and the United Kingdom working with people to improve their lives and wellbeing. Rhys’ main skills and experience are in working with people with psychosocial disability to achieve their goals and organise support that meets their needs.

Rhys also has experience working with people with physical and cognitive disabilities and in equipment prescription. This experience has allowed Rhys to develop a well-rounded approach in understanding the barriers that people experience and how conditions can interact with each other.

Before working as an OT, Rhys worked as a journalist in the music industry and continues to be active in the creative community. Rhys tries to stay up to date with all kinds of community events, programs and groups to pass this knowledge on to his clients to help them find communities they may want to get involved in.

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Erin Bell

Occupational Therapist


After graduating from Monash University with Honours, Erin has focused on working in community services supporting clients with complex and challenging behaviours, psychosocial disability and cognitive deficits.

This work has allowed Erin to support both the individual and their support network as they develop goals and intervention plans to achieve them. Erin prides herself on her problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively with clients, their families and other service providers to maximise her client’s independence whilst incorporating their strengths and interests into their everyday life.


Ally McKenzie

Occupational Therapist


Ally graduated from La Trobe University in 2014 with a Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice and a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and focuses her practice around a functional approach to enable clients to achieve maximum independence and autonomy.
Her previous background as a fitness and wellbeing coach worldwide places her in a unique position to observe and understand each client in a personal and holistic manner. She values maintaining dignity and trust throughout her practice.
Ally is passionate about creating and implementing strategies to ensure that her clients can engage in productive and meaningful activities important to them so that they may achieve their goals and increase their overall quality of life.