Intellectual Disability

Occupational Therapists work with client that have cognitive deficits as a result of intellectual disability, development delay, injury, illness or trauma. The role of occupational therapy varies dependent on the individual’s strengths, supports and goals.  Intervention can assist with;

  • Developing skills to become more independent with daily tasks such as showering and dressing, cooking, completing household tasks and accessing the community.
  • Learn techniques to improve confidence and communication skills, in order to better engage with others.
  • Help promote work readiness skills to assist with gaining employment.
  • Provide education and training to support workers on how to best promote the development of these skills when working alongside an individual.
  • Work collaboratively with other health professionals including Behaviour Management Specialists and Speech Pathologists to support the client to achieve their goals.


Intervention can be completed in a range of setting including in the client’s home, day placement, the local community and work environments.