Sensory Assessment

Occupational therapy interventions can support an individual to identify and manage sensory processing difficulties that may be impacting on an individual’s performance and participation in daily activities. A thorough sensory assessment helps us to understand an individual’s sensory preferences and their response to the environment. This information is then used to guide therapy and intervention, ultimately focused on improving function and minimising negative emotions and responses.

At Ability Rehab our therapists predominantly use Pearson’s ‘Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile’.

This assessment covers six sensory processing categories; taste/smell, movement, visual processing, touch, activity level and auditory processing, and takes into account the individual’s neurological threshold and the behavioural response to that stimulus. Research on the Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile has established that it can be used to find patterns that may contribute to functional performance barriers, and can be used as part of a comprehensive assessment to develop therapeutic interventions aimed at maximising performance.